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17 July, 2007

free buy sell signal BSE NSE world market

EASY ENTRY & EXIT in EQUITY share Market
You may not find it useful, but may help your friend a lot. Please forward this email to all in your addressbook
FII are controling INDIAN stock
help our people for better entry and exit in share market
This is a free BUY SELL signal reccomendation software for NSE & BSE share No need to pay subsription to anyone for tips just download data daily Simple userfriendly easy freeware. Reccomended settings are my personal choice. You are free check it and deside new one.
Steps - Installation & Setup
1- visit www.aptistock.com & get free/profetional/beta version or google search for "aptistock freeware download"
2- download and install ; keep checking updated version even later
3 - click download > update symbol list > select NSE BSE IND > OK select tools > data downloader > click 'stock' > click stock market > select NSE (bse ) > click select all > OK download (1 day delayed EOD data ) update end of day data same way everytime
4 -to additional update/add EOD data download & save bhavcopy from BSE / NSE site. Convert CSV file into text doc - see HELP > content > index> EOD >importing EOD> sample #1
,,,,,,, 3IINFOTECH,20060427,190.15,192.3,187,187.85,248616,0 AARTIIND,20060427,70.7,70.8,69.05,70.35,12452,0 click tools> data downloader > import > brouser > link txt doc > data destination > select BSE/NSE India click import
5 - technical tool click insert trade flag - STC main chart indicator - Bollineber band, EMA & SAR sub chart indicartor - William % R or RSI & MACD. Read Aptisock help file for technical analysis theory formula and example
click chart > right click > save as defult
6- Buy sell signal on daily weekly and monthly quarterlt( 63days)chart - follow Weekly Buy green signal for short term delivery(6-12 month) delivery with stop loss of Red sell signal on daily chart - follow monthly Buy green signal for long term delivery(1-10 year) delivery with stop loss of Red sell signal on weekly chart - Buy never sell delivery on quartly buy Greeen signal. with monthly sell as stop loss signal
7- strong buy = stc buy green + sar dot below graph strong sell = stc sell red + sar dot above graph Rise of 20% after weekly buy-sell-buy signal(double bottam) combination Fall of about 25% after weekly sell-buy-sell signal(double top) combination.
8- Target Corrction/support in fall is valuewise nearest BUY signal weekly Target Rise /resistance in rally upto valuewise nearest SELL signal weekly
9. For Bonus,splite, demerger Go to Prog file> Aptistock > data> stock exele file > insert formula > save ( save first 4 backup)
10. Creat various folders in faviorate eg. portfolio, index, comm, sectors etc. Clik Chart to save in respective folder.
11. 1995- 2006 NSE Historical data in ASCII ready to import on http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/snpnifty/files/historical%20data%20/
12. 2007 daily CSV data on http://in.groups.yahoo.com/group/bse-nse2005/files/ import with little formating as per ASCII
You can also get more recommendation,research,analysis on following site -
www.dlngroup.com - stock specific buy sell recommendation/signal www.vfmdirect.com - stock specific buy sell recommendation/signal
www.moneycontrol.com - for all details - multypurpose, portfolio traker www.theindianstocks.com - for multipal use research, daily intraday/delivery tips F&O call and much more. free registration. www.thehindubusinessline.com - business newspaper www.businessstandard.com - business newspaper www.dna.com - money business newspaper www.economictime.com - business newspaper www.financialexpress.com - business newspaper
www.rediff.com & www.outlookmoney.com for articals on stock MF insurance financial planning etc
www.watchoutinvestors.org - Indian Govt. site for investors good data list of vanising co.
www.ways2gain.com - individual analysts tips links
www.3paisa.com - individual analysts tips links
www.valuenotes.com - individual analysts tips links
http://tipssbsense.blogspot.com/ - market, TA related links directory http://new.quote.com - International gold, crude real time TA chart http://tipssbsense.blogspot.com/ - market, TA related links directory
http://www.echarts4u.com/java-technical-stock-chart.php?s=snpcnxnifty BSE NSE Intractive Chart & tip use bollinger band & PAR SAR
www.bazartrend.com NSE Chart & tip
www.icharts.in - best NSE stock intractive technical chart, stock scanner http://finance.yahoo.com/intlindices?e=asia - Live World stock indices www.indiabulls.com - stock technical chart www.bseindia.com - stock technical chart www.stockcharts.com - $BSE index chart/target
www.investtech.com for BSE NSE stock log chart with BUY SELL signal
lkp, il&fs, ways2wealth, sharekhan, geojit - brokers recommendation & research hdfcsec, reliance, sunidhi, icicidirect, karvy, - brokers recommendation & research
www.4shared.com - free ebook powerpoint on investment, tech analysis, share www.stratstar.com/FreeBooks.htm - free ebooks on investment www.mypivots.com - check all sublinks at bottom for ed material www.capitalmarket.com - market watch with realtime EOD statistics www.ganeshaspeaks.com daily astro stock prediction by Bejan Daruwala http://www.afund.com/afundindia.html? - Monthly astro stock prediction in_ http://powerpoint- presentation. blogspot. com/2007/ 04/investinginin dianequities. html - Investing_in_ Indian_Equities
Join Google group on investment eg AIII on Google for reports & Q/A, bse-nse 2005 on yahoo for BSE, NSE, Comm ASCII data etc.
Commodity Charts-
You can use this software for commoddity graph with little extra effort -get data file of desired commodity from ncdex.com for desired period - save it in csv format -mix all data datewise in decending order. -follow ASCII date o h l c vol c -make new folder in drive C > prog file > aptistock > data -save comm csv file in new folder -Open aptistock -click file near favorites > yourfolder > commfile - update data manualy daily whenever needed from NCDEX to comm csv file
www.karvycomtrade.com , www.indiainfoline.com & www.sunidhi.com www.icicidirect.com - for daily,weekly report tech/fund., conversion calcee, educational lit. etc.
http://new.quote.com - International gold, crude real time TA chart http://futures.tradingcharts.com/menu.html - TA Interpritation & Trend www.stockcharts.com - International Gold, Crude, Silver, index chart/target
http://tipssbsense.blogspot.com/ - market, TA related links directory
Mutual Fund
www.sunidhi.com > mutual fund - for daily NAV report & all related complite site with chart etc.
Desktop free software
medved quotetracker is free software for intraday signal for nse & mcx stock and commodity www.quotetracker.com
fibonacci calculater freeware - to get correction / rally levels www.sofotex.com/downloads/d7048
Pivot point calculater freeware - gives pivot point and next three support and resistance levels http://www.surefire-forex-trading.com/PP.html & www.mypivots.com
Risk calculater freeware - gives 3 target point for rally & correction http://www.fxstreet.com/forex-tools/risk-calculator/
nse ticker & toolbar - scroll stock quote on screen from www.nseindia.com
Ask any Question on yahoo answer to me & visit following link for answers of others - http://in.answers.yahoo.com/my/profile;_ylt=Avmw37KwNVl7WiW25aUcHSCQHQx.?show...
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Google toolbar - for popup blocker
Reccomend this to all your friend. they may find it useful for someone close to them. Your feedback is highly appreciated.
Keep riching & enriching everybody.
Email : dinuthakur@gmail.com
Disclaimer:- The calls made herein are for information purposes and are not recommendations to any person to buy or sell any securities. The information is derived from sources that are deemed to be reliable but its accuracy and completeness are not guaranteed.. I do not accept any liability for the use of this column. Readers of this column who buy or sell securities based on the information in this column are solely responsible for their actions. And author won't be liable or responsible for any legal or financial losses made by anyone.



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